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De vier vrienden

Een fabelachtig verhaal over vier vrienden en een toverdrankje
En de kroon op het werk is: UITSPANNING BIJ.

En de kroon op het werk is: UITSPANNING BIJ.


Het Baljuwplein is een geweldig plein dat nog fraaier kan. Zeker op het vlak van spel, biodiversiteit en sociale cohesie. Daarom beginnen we een buurt(pluk)tuin met weelderige bloemenpracht, groenten, picknicktafel, mini-buurthuis / feestelijk kunstwerk met waterpomp, bijen- en wormenhotel en schommels.


Inzending voor het CityLAB010 2020


Dit project is een samenwerking met Pluk&Play van groenontwerper Renee Wilson.




Lees de PDF voor meer informatie en afbeeldingen.

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KAF Floating Circus

“Impossible, You Say? Nothing is impossible when you work for the circus,” (McSweeney's)




SanderBokkinga's Floating Circus is a collection of objects that tell the story of a slightly anarchic, yet friendly, clandestine ensemble that somewhat thrusts itself upon the strict Sanaa building.


With various floating elements, SanderBokkinga tries to enrich the image, the KAF offers as a "kunstlinie". With an abundant design language and a wink, the Floating Circus offers a balance for the strict Japanese architecture.


The temporary nature, the reference to the history of the location and the avoidance of being part of the building, are three of the reasons to make the circus a Floating Circus. The individual components all have their own story, but together, in cooperation with the visitors of the KAF, they bring the story to life. The story of a life that is different from the lives of ordinary people like you and me.




SanderBokkinga's Floating Circus (Act 1, 2 & 3)


commissioned by:



year: 2016

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S=V Stroom Den Haag Valkenbos Abeel scholen



"Freedom is necessary for the development of good spirit" (Maria Montessori)

To represent this freedom on 2 schoolyards of Montessorischool in the Hague, we built 2 cabins.


No matter what age, freedom is always an equilibrium. The two inert-mobile sculptures which make up ‘Standstill = Progression’ dare the youth to engage in finding their own spiritual freedom as counterbalance to their mandatory school activities. 

A place to observe, find new perspective and contemplate is essential for the development of a child.



Standstill = Progression (the acrobat & the acrobat)


commissioned by:

Stroom The Hague


year: 2014



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merry Christmas to all

At the nativity scene in het Schreihuisje, mutated Pigs play the leading role. These pigs are able to think and act like humans. They know, money makes the world go around. Therefore they created a shooting gallery in a crib. It feels good and cozy and het Schreihuisje is the best spot for it. It's highly convenient for the clientele. In this unique world with its own swine culture, suggestion is the greatest gift you can offer someone. You can shoot a touching sow with her piglets. For a euro one may shout PENG PENG three times. Payment can be done with El director, the pigs bear who mans the cash register. Merry Christmas to all can be seen from the Christmas season, when consumentism reaches an absolute highlight. After this period though,   SanderBokkinga's still offers a reflection on the consumer society. Therefore, the installation can be seen till Good Friday, April 14 2017 The Schreihuisje.


"Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth" is the Third of Eight Beatitudes Jesus pronounced in His Sermon on the Mount  (Mattheus 5:5) 


The term beatitude comes from the Latin noun beātitūdō which means "happiness". People today no longer see meekness as a virtue, but as a vice. Meekness is weakness, so far as they are concerned. They look with contempt on many other Christian virtues as well, such as gentleness, chastity, and fidelity.

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R.O.B.I.N. ss.

R.O.B.I.N. ss. "for an Honest MindFuck"




For lots of people,  it is not a matter of pence, but of principle. After all, we could, instead of being occupied with art on a cold and stormy Sunday-afternoon, be engaged in an always exciting BDSM-session.


Playing around with ropes, knots, spanking or, of-course being spanked. A mask here, a nipple clamp there...


The crowd considers it to be far removed from their own personal lives; oppressively frightening. On the other hand, there are lots of individuals who seek liberation from their daily boring routine in this enchanting game.


Looking at it from a Dutch perspective:.... Some role-playing with masks and other attributes doesn’t come cheap. A latex bondage mask starts at €18, and the American Bombshell Butt-plug Destroyer, you can order at Beate Uhse for as much as €70.


But hey, I guess you’re not reading this for some surreptitious advertising of Beate Uhse. You are interested in the Fine Arts. SanderBokkinga wanted to show 2 sides of his artist-hood. For Gallery Lecq, he wanted to realize,  besides the BDSM-researcher R.O.B.I.N. ss., F.A.K.I.R., an ascetic meditation practitioner who pursues a pure way of life by controlling the passion and desire.


Finding peace and quiet in a society like this; in a city like this; that’s a beautiful ambition.

On a crowded spot like this.... but peace and quiet..... he was not able to deliver, at least not the way he planned to.


SanderBokkinga’s goal was to research his own boundaries, through this double portrait. Showing true life, in all aspects, in this urban darkness.


During the process, it became clear, it weren’t his own boundaries that kept him on a leash.

Even in an indeterminate place like this, society managed to still keeps a tight rein.


In the AHIF’s (Association of Huntsmen for Ingenious Freedom) point of view, Gallery Lecq could really be a lovely place. But there’s much more to it than playing gallery. Just like, for being an artist it’s much more than playing artist. “I made a nice piece of work, will you show it in your little gallery?”


What if we compared the art-world with its unwritten / elusive rules, with the world of BDSM. Because the game of BDSM is about unexpected, surprising insights, but has, in contrast to the art world very clear agreements and limits and ambitions.


In the arts, we all float around, without clear goals and ambitions... while the goal of an American Bombshell Butt-plug Destroyer is very clear, stretching somebodies rectum, or the thought of it.


Freedom depends on clear deals and expectations. R.O.B.I.N. ss. is only one side of the coin. Are you free if you put restrictions on yourself, or if you let yourself be restricted in the scope your get?


Happy Hunting!




R.O.B.I.N. ss.


first exposed at:

Gallery Lecq Rotterdam


year: 2015

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Rootless Wallbanger

“You gonna bang my walls, Simon?” I laughed. “You have no idea,” he promised.”  (Alice ClaytonWallbanger)


Our sculpture, Free as a Birdje, in the Witte de Withstraat, placed in a tree in front of KingKong Hostel, had to be removed. The tree could be damaged according to "tree-specialists". 

But ofcourse our acrobat felt at ease at that spot, so we created the Rootless Wallbanger. Hung from the wall, he won't damage nature anymore. He might bang some walls, but hey it's a hostel....Besides that, it's just a cool reference to the bar below and one of our favorite drinks, the harvey wallbanger.



the Roostless Wallbanger


commissioned by:

KingKong Hostel Rotterdam


year: 2015

large image


Water can still run through the furniture, which can be used indoors and outdoors.


A furniture serie made of old and new hosepipes for interior and exterior use. Amazingly, water can still run through the designs. The serie includes  floorlamps, a relax-chair, a dining chair, and stools in two sizes. Designed in 2008.

large imagelarge imagelarge imagelarge imagelarge imagelarge image

In the bok. FENCE collection,  SanderBokkinga used, besides his usual raw materials, wood fences. The collection includes (o.a.) the following furniture: a series of garden hose furniture, Sjoel mirror,  a bookcase and the (agency) lamp "The Grabber".

large imagelarge imagelarge imagelarge imagelarge imagelarge image

the Swampland Gazette:

Mr. Lacoste mechanically mutated in order to challenge SwampHuntertje


Of course we could state: SanderBokkinga’s latest works of art portrays the protagonist and antagonist. We could even spin a story about our growing concerns about  experiments on animals. Or a swansong on the everincreasing urbanization. But the bluntfull honest truth, this time it’s something much more vulgar. The entire installation is derived from his childhood fascination for Miami Vice characters Crockett and Tubbs.


Swamphunterje is a bounty hunter chasing a fugitive crocodile; Mr. Lacoste (a.k.a Helicroc). This infamous reptile, hyperintelligent, due to vague mutating experiments, has escaped his highly classified laboratry. Mr. Lacoste mechanically mutated himself and has the ability to fly. 


Swamphuntertje, who has lost one his legs during a previous chase of this illustrious Croc, has now set up camp in the Swamplands in order to study the beast and strike at the opportune moment.





SwampHuntertje (consolidation of "Mr. Lacoste", "Phishing Tubbs" & bok.-SH-002)


Inspired by:

Miami Vice


First appearance: Sculpturegarden Ravesteyn, Heenvliet


year: 2015

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King Kong Hostel Rotterdam

Ladies and Gentlemen... I give you... KONG! THE EIGHTH WONDER OF THE WORLD! (Carl Denham, King Kong 2005)


The ‘Witte de Withstraat’ is one of Rotterdam’s most populair hotspots and home to King Kong Hostel. The historic King Kong building was founded in 1872, it has housed a tattoo shop, illegal casinos and a famous brothel. 

Now it can be seen as FreeState SanderBokkinga. We were asked for some furniture, but we designed an overall fitting attitude. From artvertising in the tree (now replaced by the Rootless Wallbanger), via hosepipe benches on the sidewalk, a couch in the foyer, and tables with hosepipe lamps to the SilverBackBelly BBQ on the rooftop terrasse, we designed a warm welcome for the visitors.



FreeState SanderBokkinga @ KingKongHostel


commissioned by:

Ron Sterk, founder of KingKong Hostel


year: 2014

large imagelarge imagelarge imagelarge image
quod dixi dixi

Information's pretty thin stuff unless mixed with experience. (Clarence Day)

In our crowded & abundant world, hunting seems an unnecessary thing.  Every shot after all hits the bullseye . But do we know what we are aiming for ? We seem to have forgotten to observe , quietly wait & search for the right prey .

We rashly gorge and guzzle our excesses. We have turned from hunter, to prey in a prevailing social and economic structure / standard. This compelling pattern positions us like boxed calfs in a line. Our work is a response to this obtuseness that threatens our society to perish. It's a  quest for a new kind of freedom , a state of mind . An ingenious freedom.


The hunt for this ingenious freedom is the leitmotiv of our work , it allows us to build bridges between the worlds of art , architecture and design. Hunting is our way to disarmingly study , observe and reflect.

In order to stay able to hunt, we created Quod Dixi, Dixi (" What I said , I said "). Quod Dixi, Dixi explores the boundaries between hunter and prey , between freedom and submission . Obviously, the hunt on our privacy is open, on every streetcorner a camera peeks over our shoulder. 


Quod Dixi, Dixi was presented during Motel Mozaique 2014 in Rotterdam.



Quod Dixi Dixi


Inspired by:



year: 2014

large imagelarge imagelarge image
Qbic London

For the Urban Hunters among us, we co-furbished the Qbic London Hotel.

Besides Dressfriends, our version of the dressboy and Lampfriends for every room (We are your friends, you'll never be alone again, Justice vs Simiam), Qbic London also acquired the Hunting Hut 02, a Sunny Relax chair for the lobby. When Spring and Summer, you can ask for a SanderBokkinga PitchFork and a basket for a PickNick in the park.

large imagelarge imagelarge imagelarge imagelarge image
the Forester 1:25

The forester, both a symbol and a space to administer our woodlands, as in our society we cannot permit nature to run its course.



the Forester 1:25




1:25 maquettes (eventually scaled to 1:1)



The maquette is mounted in de Hoge Veluwe, an ideal location for the Forester


year: 2011 / 20??


dimensions: complete installation 

100 m2 beech forest



various & photomontage


(our research is for sale, the forester project, visit our sale section)

large imagelarge imagelarge image
White Cube Series

The nice thing about the gallery shows is that without having to pay any money you can just go and see it. (Yoko Ono)


Mixin' Up Reality

Mr. Lacoste

Phishing Tubbs


These are elements of SwampHuntertje, first shown at the 2015 Sculpturegarden Ravesteyn, Heenvliet.



the White Cube Series


Inspired by:


Inside the WhiteCube, The Ideology of the Gallery Space (Brian O'Doherty)


year: 2015

large imagelarge imagelarge image
Freeedom Expressje

Freeedom Expressje is a narrative of the wonders of youth. As a child we play and explore, sometimes risk it all by simply being bold.  


After all, you only get in touch with your boundaries when you cross them every once in a while.



Freeedom Expressje


Inspired by:

FE is inspired by tv-formats like Red Bull Soapbox Race & ter Land ter Zee en in de Lucht


year: 2012/2014

large imagelarge imagelarge imagelarge image
[KUUB] Refereechair, picknicktable, strawbench & a barrowbench

The [KUUB] series was built for the Keukenhof. SanderBokkinga took inspiration from the materials used in the bulb cultivation. Benches, picknicktables and high-seaters were created from lovely smelling oakwood, hosepipe and straw.



Refereechair, picknicktable, strawbench & a barrowbench 





commissioned by:



year: 2012


dimensions: several



wood, canvas, strawbales, hosepipes e.o.

large imagelarge imagelarge imagelarge imagelarge image
Disarming Guns

Disarming Guns

Disarming Guns are the weapons of choice for us to hunt, within the AHIF (Association of Huntsmen for Ingenious Freedom), for Ingenious Freedom.

While bearing our guns on our huntingtrips, we found out the Disarming Guns are excellent pieces to open conversations. This gives us the opportunity to share our ideas and ideals about hunting for ingenious freedom.

large imagelarge imagelarge imagelarge imagelarge imagelarge image
Association of Huntsmen for Ingenious Freedom




In search of his ingenious freedom,

Sander Bokkinga has become an artist

in the hunt for this elusive goal. 


Hunting is both a verb and a desire

to get rid of the ever-growing need

for even more possessions.

It’s a direction to live freely and noble. 



large imagelarge imagelarge imagelarge imagelarge image
large imagelarge imagelarge imagelarge imagelarge imagelarge imagelarge imagelarge imagelarge imagelarge image
Met m'n hoofd in de bomen - keep my head in the trees

Met m'n hoofd in de bomen - keep my head in the trees - a planned addition to SanderBokkinga's appartment in downtown Rotterdam



Keep your Head in the Trees 1:25



bok. MAQUETTE,  

1:25 maquettes (eventually scaled to 1:1)


commissioned by:

ir. S.Bokkinga & Drs. M.Verkerk


year: 2010 / 20??


dimensions: 5,5m * 4m * 7,8m



various & photomontage

large imagelarge imagelarge imagelarge image
disarming guncabinets

In order to store your Disarming Gun Collection, we created the Disarming GunCabinets. Like our Disarming Guns, the Cabinets are also conversation pieces. Besides that, the cabinets are also great showcases for lovely pieces.

In december 2013, one of the first Disarming GunCabinets was displayed in our show at gallery de Aanschouw in Rotterdam. 

The next one can be seen at Object Rotterdam in one of the appartments in the Rotterdam.

large imagelarge image

Dear Winy, 


Last week I passed the market hall by bike. It starts to take an impressive shape. Cool thing. Will be great for the city. With my companions, I was talking about it and then we got the idea to make a (usable) hut for the MarketManager, a point for overview. A first sketch idea has been added. Hovering over a void! Would be wonderful. It would be awesome to do this? But another place is also possible. I don't know anything about the art/useful artplans in the markethall but it seems to me it would be super fun to make something.  Maybe you all like it. I would like to hear from you. 

best regards SanderBokkinga

large image
Square One

Square One is the AU's essence of urbanism. One needs a place to sit (sometimes a bale of straw will do), light (a working Kramer lightpole), company (even if it's a cat), human scale (a lifesize bok.) and if you want perfection, some birdsounds would be great. Placed on the Schouwburgplein in Rotterdam, one can see, different designers, different ideas.



Square One



bok. MAQUETTE,  1:25 maquettes are scaled to 1:1


year: 2011


dimensions: 3,9m * 1,9m * 2,8m



Lightpole, wood, chickenwire, foam, acrylic resin

large imagelarge image
My Little Dear Huntertje 1:1

My Little DearHuntertje adresses the sensitive matter of food and raising your offspring. My little dearhunterje combines two extremes, fastfood and hunting your own meal.Together with a high babychair these extremes form a lovely viewpoint.



My Little Dear Huntertje 1:1



bok. MAQUETTE,  1:25 maquettes are scaled to 1:1.


Commisionned by: 

Venduehuis the Hague & foundation Lekker Dier



Venduehuis invited 14 Dutch designers to pimp “chairs for charity”.


year: 2012


dimensions: 1m * 1m * 2,2m



chair, wood, chickenwire, foam, acrylic resin

large imagelarge imagelarge image
Artitectus universalis

A nonconformist by choice, connected to contemporary society yet always inclined to investigate and push the boundaries. The AU is an attitude towards an ingenious freedom.


Sander Bokkinga work relates directly to this quest of physical and spiritual freedom. Trained as an Architect his quest for freedom defines the space on the edge of citylife and countryside. His work relates to the non-descript desire of citizens to break free from rules and conventions in a tactile and positive manner. His art is an infusion of joy, freedom and interaction. His art is an inquisitive desire towards ingenious freedom.

large imagelarge imagelarge imagelarge imagelarge imagelarge imagelarge imagelarge imagelarge image
p.wars & midnight lamp

The hunt for ingenious freedom is a tough journey, as you might comprehend. It’s back to the basics and that is what we’re  doing over and over again. For us basics are light, a place to sit and a positive attitude, a lamp, a chair and ingenious freedom.


Combining childlike liberty with skilfull craftsmanship, we created 2 new projects to shape our hunt for ingenious freedom. They are p.wars (rolling stones don’t gather moss) and (the burning off the) midnight lamp. They both express “non-fitting”  in an ordinary gathering. They stand out, as products and as evokers of feelings, memories and emotions. 

large imagelarge image
Out of the Blue Box

Out of the Blue Box, is built for HEIJMANS, as part of a campagne. It's the embodiment of the meeting of the countrysite (a haystack with movable roof) and urban area (a blue house on a scissor lift)

Thinking of nothing is precious. No skills and knowledge is the highest. Then follows a hut to live. (Matsuo Basho)



Out of the Blue Box



bok. HUT, 


commissioned by:



year: 2012


dimensions: 1,3m*3,4m*3,6m



chairs, wood, canvas, cartires, marbles e.o.

large imagelarge imagelarge imagelarge image

Do you remember that feeling. You were young (ofcourse darling, you still are....), and you could still do everything you wanted, building Huts, stacking strawblocks, lighting little fires. Wouldn't it be great to feel that freedom over and over again?






bok. MAQUETTE, 1:25 maquettes are scaled to 1:1


year: 2011 / 2012


dimensions: 1,8m * 2,4m * 2,1m



wood, chickenwire, foam, acrylic resin.

large imagelarge imagelarge image
Hunting Hut 02

The huntinghut is the retreat for a retired huntsman. The cabin comes with complimentary wooden guns, a working searchlight , an audioconnection to the Hoge Veluwe to hear the horny belling deer and a hidden bottle of Jägermeister. 


“Civilized life has altogether grown too tame, and, if it is to be stable, it must provide a harmless outlets for the impulses which our remote ancestors satisfied in hunting” - Russel Bertrand



Hunting Hut 02



bok. HUT 


year: 2011


dimensions: 1m * 1,3m * 3m



wood, steel, mp3player, Jagermeister, sheepskin,waveplate, acrylic resin e.o.

large imagelarge imagelarge imagelarge image
large imagelarge imagelarge imagelarge imagelarge image

Since 2006,
(A.K.A.  bok.)
conceives & creates
projects and stories
on the edge of
Reality and Imagination

profile c.v.

SanderBokkinga is an Urban Huntsman for Ingenious Freedom.
Nonconformist by choice, connected to contemporary society yet always inclined to investigate and push boundaries.

Hunting for Ingenious Freedom
is an attitude, a state of mind.

SanderBokkinga work relates directly to this quest of physical and spiritual freedom. Trained as an Architect, his quest for freedom defines the space on the edge of reality and imagination. His work relates to the non-descript desire of citizens to break free from rules and conventions in a tactile and positive manner. His art is an infusion of joy, freedom and interaction. His art is an inquisitive desire towards ingenious freedom.

Artitectus universalis | URBAN HUNTsman

Artist - Sculptor - Architect - Designer


Sander Bokkinga bok.

Sander Bokkinga

+31 (0)62 84 55 874

Postal address:
Baljuwplein 54
3033 XC Rotterdam

Waterleidingstraat 8
3134 KC Vlaardingen
The Netherlands


  • 1990-1997


    Graduated Cum Laude as architect

  • 1983-1990

    VWO Highschool Holten

Exhibitions & Shows (selection)

  • 2019

    KeileContemporary group exposition by Har.ART during Art week Rotterdam; Space Dream presentation with drawings and installations.

  • 2018-2019

    Solo exposition at courtyard of the MUSEUM BOIJMANS VAN BEUNINGEN Rotterdam. Presentation of nativity scene Merry Christmast to ALL 2.0  & Space Dream; installations, drawings, events and workshops with all the classes of primary school De Provenier.

  • 2018

    Solo at art centre Studio de Bakkerij Rotterdam; Space Dream and the research for Space Port Rotterdam with drawings, installations, workshops an lecture.

  • 2018

    Space Dream presentation with FDS 01 and lecture at ONS HUIS art show at Art Centre Haarlem.

  • 2018

    Space Dream presentation at KAAPSTAD Tilburg festival with FDS 01 and Growing FAT while sleeping PART I, a.k.a. KASSA

  • 2017-2018

    10 year HOSEPIPE series with the BLACK MAMBA'S and HEAVENLY CREATURES. Presentations at Lichtfestival Schiedam, OBJECT Rotterdam

  • 2017

    KUNSTMOMENT Diepenheim; art show in and around the village Diepenheim with the presentation of THE RETURN OF THE SWAMPHUNTER!

  • 2017

    Feest der Leeghstand Schiedam, festival with Space Dream lecture and the presentation of the first Space Dream installation; FDS 01

  • 2017

    Art The Hague; art director ART of Playing!

  • 2016-2017

    het Schreihuisje, Schiedam

    December 2016- April 2017

    "Merry Christmas to All, Blessed are the Meek, for they Shall inherit the Earth"

  • 2016

    etalagegalerie Inkijk, Amsterdam, 

    juli 2016-august2016

    "R.O.B.I.N. ss: "It's the most wonderful time of the year!"

  • 2015-2016

    Galerie Lecq, Rotterdam, december 2015-februari 2016, R.O.B.I.N. ss

  • 2015

    NHOW, Rotterdam, Februari 2015, Freeedom Expressje, Grande Jury, Boardroom Stammtisch e.o.


    Artemis, Amsterdam, June /October, RockaBilly, SteadyBilly, Luminous Fragment e.o.


    Sculpturegarden Ravesteyn, Heenvliet, Presentation SanderBokkinga SwampHuntertje, Mr Lacoste & Phishing Tubbs. 

  • 2014

    Motel Mozaique, Rotterdam, april 2014, Quod Dixi Dixi


    Kunstroute, openingRotterdamCS, maart/april2014, FreeedomExpressje


    Object Rotterdam, Presentation SanderBokkinga Disarming Guns  

  • 2013

    De Aanschouw, Rotterdam, december 2013, Disarming GunCabinet for the AHIF.


    Ampelhaus, Oranienbaum, july august 2013, HOSEPIPE-watergun installation. 


    Salone del Mobile Milano, Tuttobene groupspresentation; My Little Dearhuntertje 

  • 2012

    Motel Mozaique, April 2012, MAQUETTE Story 01 & 02,Square one & Summersummertime,


    Paviljoen Rotterdam, February 2012, MAQUETTE Story 02, Summersummertime, (group).


    Arti, the Hague, bok. retro & prospective (solo)


    Art & Object Rotterdam, presentation bok. M-series & bok. huntinghut II. (solo)

  • 2011

    Kunstmoment Diepenheim October 2011, MAQUETTESTORY 01 Square one, (group).


    CBK Rotterdam October - November 2011, MAQUETTE, (solo).


    CBK Emmen & Stichting Zetel Zo zit dat, seating objects bok. FENCE, (group).


    Alcantara Superstudiopi Salone del Mobile Milan, bok. HOSEPIPE Floorlamp XL; (group).


    Affordable Art Brussels, Jonas Gallery Brussels, selection bok. FENCE, (group).

  • 2010

    Seats from bok. KICKOFF, HOSEPIPE and FENCE, at Kunstenaars&CO, (solo).


    DESIGNHUIS Eindhoven Design Bazaar, selection bok. HOSEPIPE; (group).


    PLASTIC ART MUSEUM Naples, Plartonvideo, bok. HOSEPIPE + video bok. HOSEPIPE; (solo).


    Firstsite Gallery Colchester UK Lifecycle, selection bok. HOSEPIPE en FENCE, (group).


    Danish Design Centre Show How exhibition, bok. FENCE, (group).

  • 2009

    DESIGNHUIS Eindhoven Boer zoekt Stijl Lidewij Edelkoort, bok. FENCE, (group).

    Design September, Jonas Gallery Brussels, bok. KICKOFF en FENCE, (group).

    Via Milano interior design fair Adam, the best from Milan 2009, bok. FENCE Hunting Hut, (group).

    Dutch, Jonas Gallery Brussels, bok. KICKOFF & HOSEPIPE, (solo).

    Creatieve Groote Club Amsterdam, bok. FENCE, (group).

    Strijp X gallery Eindhoven, bok. KICKOFF and HOSEPIPE, (group).

    Object Rotterdam Tuttobene Gallery, bok. HOSEPIPE en FENCE, (group).

    Hitguide Exhibition IMM Cologne, the best from IMM 2009, bok. HOSEPIPE, (group).

    Zetel at Arti09 the Hague, bok. HOSEPIPE Dinner Chair & FENCE Sunny Relax, (group).

    Salone del Mobile Milano Tuttobene presentation; bok. FENCE. (group)

    IMM Cologne Designspotter bok. HOSEPIPE. (group)

  • 2008

    Privee Kollektie Heusden, selection bok. KICKOFF & bok. HOSEPIPE, (group).


    Hotel Artemis Amsterdam, bok. KICKOFF & HOSEPIPE, (group).


    Nhow Hotel Milan, selection bok. KICKOFF & HOSEPIPE, (group).


    Zetel at Vesteda Adam, first prototype bok. HOSEPIPE chair, (group).


    Inside Design Amsterdam, bok. HOSEPIPE Relax Chair, (group).


    Via Milano interior design fair Adam, the best from Milan 2008, bok. HOSEPIPE, (group).


    Design Centre Utrecht ELLE readersday, selection bok. KICKOFF en HOSEPIPE, (group).


    INTERIOR Kortrijk, bok. KICK-OFF en bok. HOSEPIPE. (solo)


    100% Design London, bok. HOSEPIPE. (solo)


    Salone del Mobile Milano, Tuttobene, bok. HOSEPIPE. (group)

  • 2007

    Lisa Expositie Utrecht, bok. KICKOFF, (group).


    Inside Design Amsterdam, selection bok. KICKOFF, (group).


    Superstore 04 Rai Amsterdam, bok. KICKOFF RUBBERstrawchair, (group).


    Birdhouse Show Seattle USA, bok. KICKOFF Birdstone, (group).


    Salone del Mobile Milano, Tuttobene, bok. KICKOFF. (group)

Commissions & Acquisitions

  • 2016

    SanderBokkinga Floating Circus act 2., the Haunted Checkout Booth & 3 brothers, 7 legs

  • 2015

    expansion FreeState SanderBokkinga with new furniture & sculpture Rootless Wallbanger by KingKong Hostel Rotterdam.


    Sander Bokkinga Floating Circus concept by KAF (Schouwburg Almere). Realisation act 1. , several Floating Seating area's.

  • 2014

    Overall concept, FreeState SanderBokkinga by KingKong Hostel Rotterdam


    Expansion WE ARE YOUR FRIENDS concept with closets and desks, by QBIC Hotel London 

  • 2013

    Overall concept, WE ARE YOUR FRIENDS, by QBIC Hotel London


    bok. FENCE series by Plart Foundation, Plastic Art Museum Napels. 

  • 2012-2014

    double-sculpture, Standstill is Progression for STROOM Den Haag & Valkenbosschool & the CMS

  • 2012

    bok. [KUUB] series for KEUKENHOF


    bok. Out of the Blue box. For HEIJMANS

  • 2011

    bok. Huttendorp, Cabinet series for day-care SKAR Arnhem


    bok. FENCE Dinner Chair by Galila Barzilai Hollander.

  • 2010

    Garden ten Dam, private garden, Rotterdam

Miscellaneous (selection)

  • 2015

    Guest Teacher at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. 

  • 2013

    Chosen for the jubilee exhibition Retro/Perspective 10 years Tuttobene during Salone del Mobile Milan 

  • 2012

    Artist of the Year at the Hague, Art Fair


    Selected as designer for "Chairs for Charity" for VENDUEHUIS in the Hague


    5 chiars sold at design auction VENDUEHUIS in the Hague

  • 2011

    Included in artists register by CBK Rotterdam


    Admitted as member of Dutch Society of Sculptors

  • 2010

    Selection FENCE series for Show How exhibition at Climate Change conference Copenhagen.

  • 2009

    Selected by Stichting Via Milano for the list of best Dutch designs at Salone del Mobile Milan 2009 with bok. FENCE.


    FENCE series selected by Lidewij Edelkoort for "boer zoekt stijl" in the designhuis in Eindhoven.


    Selection bok. HOSEPIPE for Hit Guide IMM Cologne, the best of IMM Cologne 2008

  • 2008

    Selected by Stichting Via Milano for the list of best Dutch designs at Salone del Mobile Milan 2009 with bok. HOSEPIPE.

    100%Design London nomination Best Talent.

  • project: STORE
  • project: En de kroon op het werk is: UITSPANNING BIJ.
  • project: Boijmans van Beuningen
  • project: Space Dream
  • project: KAF Floating Circus
  • project: Hosus Locus Circularius
  • project: BASECAMP Dakpark Rotterdam
  • project: S=V Stroom Den Haag Valkenbos Abeel scholen
  • project: HOSTEL TINY
  • project: Hostel Zarafa
  • project: merry Christmas to all
  • project: R.O.B.I.N. ss.
  • project: Rootless Wallbanger
  • project: hosepipe
  • project: fence
  • project: SwampHuntertje
  • project: King Kong Hostel Rotterdam
  • project: quod dixi dixi
  • project: Qbic London
  • project: the Forester 1:25
  • project: White Cube Series
  • project: Freeedom Expressje
  • project: FENCE Keuken Leiden
  • project: Huttendorp Angeren
  • project: [KUUB] Refereechair, picknicktable, strawbench & a barrowbench
  • project: Disarming Guns
  • project: Association of Huntsmen for Ingenious Freedom
  • project: narratives
  • project: Met m'n hoofd in de bomen - keep my head in the trees
  • project: disarming guncabinets
  • project: MarketManager
  • project: Square One
  • project: FENCE bookshop De Machinist Rotterdam
  • project: My Little Dear Huntertje 1:1
  • project: Artitectus universalis
  • project: p.wars & midnight lamp
  • project: Out of the Blue Box
  • project: Summersummertime
  • project: Hunting Hut 02
  • project: m-serie